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For Dentists....

The curriculums are both didactic and clinical.  The participants experience clinical treatment on their own patients. 
Residents and fellows have the privilege of using the surgical facility.  To provide treatment, they must complete the review and approval session by the director, and have a pre-treatment presentation in class before the commencement of the case. Upon completing the strict preparation session, the residents/fellows will have an opportunity to treat implant patients under the direct supervision of the director of the DHII implant center. 
For Patients...

Once a patient is accepted and admitted into the DHII program, the case will undergo strict and thorough preparations before the treatment begins.
Since a complete diagnosis and a treatment plan are keys to a successful implant treatment, this step will be thoroughly completed by a review of medical and dental history aided with CBCT and facebow-mounted study models. Once this step is completed, all surgical procedures will be carried out under the supervision of the director in a completely-controlled  academic environment. 
Patients will receive the best treatment possible and the fees will be significantly discounted.
The David Han Implant Institute is an Atlanta-based 1-year residency program designed to teach and to train general dentists oral implantology and to serve their patients through implant treatments.
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