“Our mission is to provide dentists with up-to-date information on evidence-based oral implantology”


Our training course is designed to help dentists at all levels.  All didactic and hands-on courses are designed to help practical application of everyday dentistry.


Knowledge with Understanding

Dental implants are different from conventional dentistry.  A new paradigm approach with understanding is an essential part of successful treatment.  


Simplified Treatment Approach

Technology advances; so does the treatment.  Hence, the advancement of the treatment must be simplified and economical.  Natural dentitions have a limited approach to treatment, where dental implants allow a different approach to the successful outcome of treatment. 


In-depth Diagnosis

A thorough assessment of the patients’ problems is the key to the successful outcome of treatment.  Utilizing CBCT, digital scan, CAD-CAM analysis are essential armamentariums. 


Experience, Experience, Experience

Learning is a journey.  Experience is invaluable.  Learning from almost 30 years of an experienced teacher is priceless.

Oral Implantology in 6 Days

Boot-camp style of covering almost every aspect of dental implants specifically designed for general practice.  


Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

“Yes, you can get the implant treatment here, Ma’am!”

  1. General principles of oral implantology
  2. Patient/case selection
  3. Case workup and presentation using CAD/CAM
  4. CBCT, oral scanner, 3-D printing
  5. Converting a complex case into a simple case


Bone grafting technique

“Preserve that precious bone!”

  1. Indication and contraindication, and Risk factors and Limitations
  2. Rationales on the usage of antibiotics
  3. Simplified BG techniques
  4. Side effects of medications related to BG
  5. Ordering the blood work: how and what
  6. The healing mechanism of BG
  7. What to look for when evaluating the bone condition
  8. Possible consequences of BG failure
  9. When to use BG for conventional/traditional dentistry
  10. The relationship between BG and implantology
  11. Handling the situations when the BG material is exposed
  12. How to handle when the BG is infected
  13. Types of meds used: when, why, and what dosage


Platelet Rich Plasma/PRF

“Benefits of a quick healing equals better healing and less pain.”

  1. Benefits of PRP/PRF
  2. Healing mechanism
  3. Venipuncture techniques
  4. Armamentarium for PRP
  5. Pharmacological approach
  6. Hands-on training
  7. Clinical application of PRP/PRF
  8. Soft tissue and PRP/PRF
  9. Atraumatic extraction (socket bone preservation)


Implant Occlusion

“It’s time to wear an implant hat!”

  1. Implant occlusion
  2. Biomechanics
  3. Prosthetic components and usage
  4. TMJ and neuromuscular function
  5. Maintenance
  6. Determinants to ailing and failing implants


Simplified Implant Restoration

“Think outside the box!”

  1. Choosing between cemented or screw-retained restoration
  2. Restoration driven implant planning
  3. Implant diameter vs. length
  4. Screw mechanics and the principle of torque and preload
  5. Avoiding usage of “custom” abutments
  6. Selection and placement of stock abutments
  7. Hands-on practice


Implant Placement

“Putting it all together”

  1. Taper implant vs. straight implants
  2. Treatment planning and implant site preparation
  3. Hand-on training:  anterior implants and restoration
  4. Surgical-aid utilization
  5. Implant failure prevention

Course Schedule



Day 1-2

  •  Jan. 28-29
  •  Mar. 11-12
  • Jul. 22-23
  • Sep. 16-17
  • Nov. 4-5

Day 3-4

  • Feb. 11-12
  • Mar. 25-26
  • Aug. 5-6
  • Sep. 30-Oct. 1
  • Nov. 18-19

Day 5-6

  • Feb. 25-26
  • Apr. 8-9
  • Aug. 19-20
  • Oct. 14-15
  • Dec. 2-3