Residency (1-Year Program)

The motto of the DHII is “learning is a journey”.

Every resident who has completed the course says the same thing: “I need to keep studying and learning more.”

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “We only see what we know.”

More we learn, the more we discover how little we really know about a subject and the more we feel a need for a better understanding of the subject.  This realization is the key motivation of this program. 


This program is NOT easy.  It is a year-long commitment. 

Endurance, persistence, and perseverance are the key elements to the completion of this program.  However, the reward, coming in the form of self-gratification and an improved equipment for providing service to patients, is great. 

There is an admission process.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (3-Day)

The single most important part of implant dentistry is the diagnosis and treatment plan.  

This course is designed to teach dentists how to assess the source and cause of various problems from simple to complex cases.

The rationale for treatment options and their risks are discussed and taught.

This course is open to all dentist





Atraumatic Extractions and Socket Bone Preservation (2-Day)

Bone Grafts and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) (2-Day)

Extractions using forceps and elevators may cause significant damage to the alveolar bone.  The consequences are detrimental to implant dentists.

Designed by David Han, this course is designed to teach dentists  how to extract teeth while minimizing the possible damage to the alveolar bone.

This program will provide you with the techniques necessary to excel in extractions using the periotome and piezo-surgery.

 Predictable and reliable bone grafting techniques.