The David Han Implant Institute

Implant treatment is a standard of care in dentistry.  However, many practicing dentists do not have the opportunity to learn the discipline of implant dentistry in a formal, academic, and structured manner.

In 2004, Dr. Han founded The David Han Implant Institute (DHII) to train general dentists. Composed of a system of didactic and hands-on programs, the DHII allows dentists to learn oral implantology while maintaining their practice.  In the duration of the residency program, participants can serve their patients with the most advanced implant dentistry techniques by treating them under the supervision of the director and faculty members.

Specifically designed to accommodate this mission, the DHII center is located in Atlanta, Georgia and trains dentists from local and other states, as well as from abroad.  

Mentorship Program

Directing hands to safeguard the patients, Dr. Han trains individuals on a personal level.

In-Class Didactics

Because setting a solid foundation of knowledge is of utmost importance, lecture time is designated to cover the principles of implant dentistry.

Hands-On Training

In-class practice with hands-on training is an essential part of DHII.


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Clinical Experience

During the residency training days at the DHII center, residents (dentists) can bring their own patients to provide diagnosis, provide treatment plans, and even perform live surgery under the supervision of Dr. Han and faculty.